Watch Extreme Couponing Online Here: Episodes 1 – 12 Extreme Couponing TLC

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Are looking to watch Extreme Couponing Online?

If you’re frugal enough, you don’t have cable. So how can you watch Extreme Couponing? I’m so happy to have found the episodes online ;) Thanks to you readers who make sure to keep this list updated!

Here’s the episode recap of Season 1:

Additionally, if you’re ever online trying to watch Extreme Couponing during the air time, you can watch TLC in real-time here.

If these links become broken at any time (or these videos are taken down), please leave a comment in the comments below so that I can update them!

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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks. I have cable but only basic and didn’t see this either.

    • Karyn Jewell says:

      TLC.. the Learning Channel

      • Mileidis says:

        I love your sarcasm! I sadly reliazed years ago that my kids just don’t get sarcasm. (maybe when they’re older?) My husband and I often have our date night at the grocery store, sad but true. LOL. Got to follow you; you crack me up!Happy SITS day!

  2. Maris says:

    They are amazingly organized and efficient, but my concern is that very few of the foods purchased are life giving foods. There was no mention of fruit or vegetables, whole grains, raw nuts or seeds. It would be tough to keep a family healthy on a diet like that. I have a feeling they will make up for the money they saved in doctor’s bills later in life. Just my 2 cents.

    • Claire says:

      Hey Maris — sounds like you should check out my other blog — it’s all about saving on real foods!

      In a nutshell — you’re right. Basically on Extreme Couponing I think they want you to believe that the savings (and earnings in some case) go towards the fresh produce that WASN’T featured;)

    • lwoodsonrn says:

      I had also wondered about milk, bread, produce…. but i have learned to make money on some items and since my store does not hand back money, they do use the amount they ‘owe me” to be spent on meat, produce and items that I may need but don’t have a coupon for. also, my store offers rewards that print at the register that are good on a future trip.

      • Claire says:

        Exactly! That’s the key!!!

      • Natalie says:

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    • Nhuurr says:

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  3. Thanks for posting that. Just watched through them and as couponer, far from extreme, how do they do that? I mean, milk? The only free milk I get is with the cereal deals. Also, I can not and will not do 18 transactions. it is amazing the store doesn’t turn her out and refuse to let her come back.

  4. Amy says:

    The free milk is from the money she made on vitamins and from cat. coupons that printed. My store will not let you make money, you get credit up to price of item and not more. I will not do 18 trans. and will not ask friends to drive to store so I can save money. You can still save a lot without doing that. What is hard for me to see is so many items that can be used by others just sit and go bad.
    Who will use so many BBQ bottles? If you get good/free deals, give some away.

    • Claire says:

      Amy — and in the first episode the mustard? 77 bottles and the husband doesn’t even eat it?!??!

      • Dean says:

        77 bottles of mustard !!! even at the 39c they cost means she spent over 20 bucks on a product that will take ferever to use. $20 just sittin on a shelf for a long long time, gotta be better things to spend that 20 on.

        • Dean says:

          In episode 2 the lady claims to have $20,000 worth of stuff she paid around $2,000 for. If you have $2,000 worth of products sat around your house doin nothin, how is this saving money?

        • Claire says:

          It completely baffles me. Although the extreme couponing page on FB is now saying that she donated the mustard. I’m just really surprised she couldn’t get it free, right?

        • Claire says:

          tomorrow ill be posting some more (old) videos from the mustard woman…there have been some big controversies about her couponing practices ;( NOT good stuff ;(

    • Bamidele says:

      I guess finding useful, reliable inmiofatorn on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

  5. Dena says:

    Thank you thank you, I am so glad you found this, I haven’t been able to see any of these shows the first ones or the new ones with no cable….

  6. Dean says:

    video just freezes up for me as soon as it starts to play:0(

  7. Dean says:

    took ages to buffer but finally got it :0)

  8. DML says:

    I am just mystified at the lady who went shopping for a partyfor 20 people.i kept thinkng, “why doesnt she use what she has on hand? is she oblivious to the stuff right behind her?”

    on a happier note i am interested in finding out what the sale patterns ae. jessica mentioned january is the month to get a good deal onoatmeal and healthy stuff. sweetie, you didnt fill us in on the rest! I had my pen and paper ready… ;)

  9. Tracey Taylor says:

    the woman that bought the mustard J’aime has been proven to have committed coupon fraud.She used coupons for items she didnt buy.I dont know how she got away with it(the store obviously didnt properly install their scanners to prevent this).These people are also considered hoarders.Now the ones who donate more than half of what they buy to churches and places like that fine but the ones that keep it all even though they KNOW eventually that stuff will go stale or spoil have issues. I mean the show does give you some good tips but each stores couponing policy varies from store to store(even the same chains) some have even stopped couponers from being able to “stack” coupons.I went to walmart supercenter today and I can see that the “extreme couponers’ were out today shelves were empty of a LOT of products. Most of which were NOT on sale.

  10. Bonnie says:

    I really enjoyed these videos. But I am wondering are there any that show more detail about how they got their coupons and how they put them together.

    • Rick says:

      Yeah, I liked to hear more how details on how they got those savings. How’d they do dat? The best I ever did shopping was $110 groceries for $49. Of course I don’t buy items I will never use.

  11. Stacey says:

    This is what the Extreme Couponing Facebook page says:
    Hello! We are reading all of the various comments around the show and we appreciate your feedback. While the series documents extreme couponing strategies, we do take the concerns raised about certain tactics very seriously and we are researching the matter. We look forward to sharing the tips and shopping savvy from all the couponers featuring in upcoming episodes.

  12. Amy says:

    As for the lack of healthy food, Tiffany-the woman in the second segment, has a TON of freeze dried foods. Those large, pastel colored cans are THRIVE foods from Shelf Reliance and they are 100% food, at least 90% of the line is. Freeze dried food has no sugar, salt or garbage in it and it lasts for a very, vey long time. It also tastes great when rehydrated, and often just straight from the can. I don’t buy canned food from the grocery store but I do use coupons to save on other things we need. Also, someone said ‘no nuts’, the same woman bought many, many jars of peanuts with her coupons and tons of steak and cream cheese, all of which are more ‘whole’ than most of the things people use coupons for.

  13. Amy says:

    Also, Tracey Taylor, perhaps some of these people ARE hoarders but some people also believe in being prepared and keep a year or more’s worth of food on hand for their family so if there’s a disaster or a job loss, they aren’t waiting on a government hand out. It’s probably a little more responsible than what most people do, which is expect FEMA or food stamps to kick in and tak care of their families. Mormons actually take it VERY seriously. We could all be a little more self reliant, but I agree that planning what to buy and buying what you will actually use is the only way to be responsible. Judging and making assumptions is usually not a great idea either ;)

  14. Andrew Richardson says:

    What bothers me is that there are no sores in my town that even doubles coupons so what is the point

    • Claire says:

      Hey Andrew — I live in a state where no one doubles, and I still do really well with coupons, do don’t get discouraged!

  15. Andrew Richardson says:


  16. samatha says:

    can you post links to the 3rd episodes as well, i can t find them

  17. Just watching the third episode, trying to let it buffer a bit. I like so far these two twins from Chicago. May have to look up their blog if they have one. :)

  18. Michelle says:

    I watched the show and realized the kind of savings they are doing would be amazing for someone to pursue for such places as food banks. Since such places are often simply supported off of donations.

  19. Claire,
    Thank you for sharing these links. We don’t have cable or dish and Extreme Couponing is all we hear about at Food Lion and on the web amongst bloggers. We’ve been feeling out of the loop. Thank you for sharing these videos, so that us materially deprived can be a part of conversation. :-)

    Best regards,
    Food Lion Insider

  20. anju says:

    hello everyone. I somehow missed out on the special aired in dec. does anyone have an idea where it can be seen online.

  21. Tawnya says:

    I think it has really hurt the great people who do honest work for their family. It seems like they will go to any cheap level and most of the people I know who coupon do not cheat, steal or lie about the items the coupons are for. People who have never used coupons look at these people and see them as hoaders, Who really in their right minds need all that stuff. Give it to local food pantrys or who ever feed the homeless, help your fellow man, not worry about needing another 100 cans of soup or 100 rolls of paper towels. It really shows the greed of some people. Also don’t they think that these companies might stop putting out these good coupons?? Use your brain on top of your head, Their is nothing wrong with having a back up but they have gone way to far. I for one want to go to that web site to get that coupon, but hey they are out, oh yeah the greedy people have already got them, or stole our paper or went into the store and took all the extra filers.. Come on lets think of our fellow coupon people and stop this greed, and lets not show them on tv.. makes us normal couponers look bad.

    • Lercomari says:

      Tawnya I do believe there was more than one instance of the couponers giving their purchases to charity or sending them to the troops overseas. I don’t think its hoarding if you buy things that you are going to use eventually. They’re just buying it all at once instead of spread out over time, which makes sense if you can pay less for it by buying it at once. Especially things like toilet paper and hair products which tend to run out quickly.

    • Louise says:

      Normally I’m against killing but this article salgutehred my ignorance.

  22. Lercomari says:

    Thanks for the links, I learned a lot from watching the show. :)

  23. Oh, my gosh. I love the guy in episode 6 who donated that entire stockpile room! I so wish I could do that! Wonder what he spends to get the number of coupons and hello, where can I get a $.50 off 1 2 liter coupon? And my store only doubles up to 5 coupons on Wednesday or Saturday with $25 purchase.

  24. Hamdog says:

    Everytime I cIick 0n a Iink it says connection timed out, and its the links problem cause everything else is working

  25. Mona says:

    Probably pretty stupid question, but how do you do so well when your stores do not double anything? I can save here and there, but not as well as alot of other people can. I am very interested in pointers, please? For a non doubler?

  26. Cherise says:

    # 11 and # 12 are the same video when #11 is suppose to be about Jen & Scott. Do you know where or how I can watch that episode?

  27. Sierra Harbison says:


    This site also works wonderfully;

    Register completely free after watching a 2 minute orientation video. Then watch ads from the sponsors that very from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, rate the ad for the provider and then get product coupons from name brands including; Huggies, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

  28. Dee Mackey says:

    I love this show. After watching it the first time I learned how to coupon and even came up with my own how to coupon site!

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  29. Jeanette says:

    Some of the links aren’t working…. episode 4 and 5 so far are broken for me.

  30. Sandie says:

    Ditto on what Jeanette stated…the links are broken. Please update them. :)

  31. Alex says:

    these were cool, but what i dont understand is how these people have time for all of this!! well… theyre all probably jobless. just saying.

  32. Toni says:

    FYI: The link for Episode 1 says, “Video is not available – This video was either deleted by the user or in breach of a copyright holder.”

    • Fernando says:

      You seriously had me ROFL with these… LOVE the one about not wnitnag her to go looking for a sugar daddy!! Are all your posts this hilarious, because if so, I’m your newest fan. I could definitely use some good humor in my day, especially during one of those time-outs.Happy SITS day to you! :)

  33. Lisa Hill says:

    Im trying to watch these videos but they all say “deleted due to copyright infringement?”. I tried to sign up for the eclass but it says that Im already signed up for it?? Please help

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  44. Gabriel says:

    I love coupons but at the end of the day, I, too, had cleolcted a lot of stuff that we don’t use, don’t like, don’t need. I was spending more money “couponing” than not. Now I try to use them for sales on things that I actually need/use but I’ve stopped overstocking.I go to Wal-mart and love/hate it for the same reasons as you. :) I also go to Aldi which is cheaper than Wal-mart for many things and some things even taste better than Wal-mart’s brand.


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