Use Outlook for Your Deal-Hunting Email Accounts

(this is a useful repost from December…)


Following up on yesterday’s post about having separate email accounts, now let’s explore the time saving of using a program like Outlook or Eudora as a place to download your emails. Over the years, I have tried different systems for my emails, and the many separate accounts I have. Overwhelmingly, I have found the best system is the following, although it does depend on your needs.

My System:

For me, it is important to be able to access my personal and work related related emails from any computer, no matter where I am in the world (I travel a lot). For this reason, I keep these accounts in a Gmail account and do *not* download them into Eudora or Outlook.

However, I have found that I save immense amounts of time by having all my saving-money and blogging emails downloaded into a Eudora or Outlook account (I use Outlook).

The reason for this is simple:

Since blogging and money saving is not the #1 priority in my email life (personal life and work life are), it distracts me to receive all my deal-saving emails at the same time as the rest of my work and personal emails. Hence, I set aside a few hours on different days of the week when I download all my deal-saving and blog-related emails and then address them all at once. By doing that through Outlook – I have the huge benefit of not having to be *online* when I answer these requests. Outlook also allows me to download different accounts into one program – separating them into different folders automatically.

Do it today and see if it works for you!

Clean out Your Coupons and Donate them Day!

It’s that time of the month again!

Are you cleaning out your coupons?

Are you donating the expired ones?

Just a friendly reminder;)

It’s Bill Pay Day!

Do you have one day where you pay all your bills? I do, and you should too.

For years I worked in a haphazard system in which I would regularly have to remember if I had already paid a bill or not yet. I then migrated to writing down when I had paid a bill, but with so many I would end up having to refer to my list just a few weeks later. Eventually, it got to such a point that – in my paranoia of every paying a bill late and getting charged a late fee – I was regularly paying twice on one particular card.

But that is all in the past.

Now – I have one bill paying day. I wake up on that day and know that today is the day I pay all my bills. For me, it’s the 25th of every month (2 days ago), because I have found that that is a good combination of when all the days of the various credit cards and bills I have to pay are due so that I am *never* late on a payment.

Today I challenge you to think about 1 day a month where you will always know to pay your bills!

3 Reasons You Need Separate Email Accounts for Your Deal Hunting


Separate email accounts are a *must* in the world of bargain hunting. Before you sign up for one more money-making or money-saving service, please please please start creating separate email accounts for separate uses. Here are 5 important reasons why you need to set up separate email accounts

1. Avoiding Spam: I waited too long in my early years to do this, and fought for years against unwanted spam coming into my personal account. Having a separate account is the best way to avoid this.

2. Saving Time: If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in your email inbox. That said, though, the biggest waster of time is when you switch between “modes”. ie: you are working or in personal mode and a great deal comes into your inbox, you get distracted, and you lose an hour of your time. Avoid this with separate email accounts. With separate email accounts, you can set aside time every day or every week to specifically check and respond to the concerns in that account.

3. No More Losing Emails: With a massive email inbox, it is very easy to lose emails, to forget to reply, and to have something you’ve been meaning to reply to for months just sitting there. Avoid this with separate accounts.

So, go today to Gmail or Yahoo and start creating separate accounts for separate things.

What are mine?

– Personal
– Work
– Coupons
– Deals
– Sweepstakes
– Blog related comments or questions

What to do with Expired Coupons

First off, are you cleaning out your coupons? You should be! Every little bit helps, and the more regularly you clean out your coupons the more manageable your couponing life will be. Don’t put this task off until you have 2 years of coupons to sort through – do it monthly to keep it all under control.

So what happens when you find the expired ones? You don’t need to recycle them (I hope you’re not throwing them out – they are paper after all!)…instead, donate them! My Precious Pennies has a great post on how you can donate expired coupons to military families.