Swagbucks 101

The other day someone was looking over my shoulder as I used the computer and they asked: “What is that weird search engine? Where is google?”

It was then that I got to share with them that every month I make about $5-10 in Amazon gift cards (or other gift cards) by using this “weird” search engine. There are a few different search engines that allow you to earn money as you search, but the one that is my favorite by far is Swagbucks. Here’s how it works.

  • 2. When you going to do a search on google you instead go to the Swagbucks site (or download their search bar) to make sure you do searches on Swagbucks. You earn about 1-3 Swagbucks for any given search.
  • 3. Then – you cash in your Swagbucks for prizes when you have enough. See some of their prizes here. As i said,

Search & Win

Now, before you go all Swagbuck happy – let me give you some tips I have learned from using this to maximize your experience.

  • In my experience (and some forums online will tell you different things) I really generally only win one time per day. that being said, it isn’t worth it to me to always use the Swagbucks search engine, since it is not as good as Google.
  • All this to say, what works for me is to set my homepage to Swagbucks, and run my first few searches of the day there until I win anywhere from 1-3 Swagbucks (you can win higher amounts but I never have). Then, once I win I don’t need to search on Swagbucks for the rest of the day.
  • They say Fridays are the big days when the high numbered Swagbucks are given out!
  • Do “searches” on Swagbucks for websites you know the urls of. Sure, it takes a couple extra seconds, but you might win a Swagbuck!

Also, make sure to refer your friends to Swagbucks, as you get a percentage of their wins! So get cracking kids!

Search & Win

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  1. eyeslikesugar says:

    I love winning points at SwagBucks, but the problem is, I find that the results aren’t as good as google. I used to search via swagbucks, and if I needed more thorough results, manually type in google.com. I have swagucks as my main search on my search bar (vis Firefox), but if I change it to google, I hate switching it back. i recently found out that there is a firefox extension, that reverts your search bar on firefox to a search engine you specify after 10 seconds. So this should help me a lot.. I can easily just change to the google search, with my keywords still intact, and it will auto-set me back to swagbucks after 10 seconds. I could find a link for you, if you’d like. I always search using swagbucks, it might not be as accurate, but at least I always have the chance to get points. :)

  2. Sierra says:

    Any idea if we can do this on a Mac?? Thanks! :)

  3. Claire says:

    Yes – you can definitely search on a mac because it’s just a web page, essentially. The one thing that might not work on a mac is the “swagbucks browser” that some people install. I don’t have a mac but I have never bothered to install this, though.

    It’s easiest for me to do 1 search on swagbucks and win and then switch to google for the rest of the day;)

  4. Paula Morgan says:

    have used SB and got 1 to 3 bucks each time, but 3 times i got 10, 20, and 30 bucks, but when i put in the “codes, so they know you aren’t a robot”, it kept coming back saying the codes were wrong. i emailed their contact me page and nothing has happened. apparently, they do not need your business. I have the tool bar and everything … nothing works for me.

  5. sammy says:

    do I have to have a credit card/bank account to earn money or????

  6. I LOVE swagbucks! I earn a $5 Amazon gift card almost every week. {Granted, I am on the computer a lot, lol} And while the search results aren’t quite as good as Yahoo or Google, they work fine for me 99% of the time :)

    And I do earn MUCH bigger bucks… usually 5 -20, and I got a bonus 50 once on a Friday :)

  7. Beth says:

    How do you get it take your search request? I typed in what I was searching for, hit search, and it came back to the same page without giving me any results. I tried it 3 times with the same result.


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