Perspective: Your Number One Money-Saving Tool

When you live in a culture as fast-paced and self-absorbed as ours it is easy to forget that how we live right now is extraordinarily unusual in the context of history. We are richer than we have ever been and without proper perspective it is difficult to see it for what it is and be able to work in that proper perspective.

Compared to much of the world today and throughout history, we are extraordinarily wealthy. Owning a car makes us wealthy. Having access to food we don’t have to grow ourselves makes us wealthy. Being able to outsource many of the toughest chores in life makes us wealthy. Living in a disposable society makes us wealthy.

If we can realize this and keep it in perspective when we are dealing with our money – along with the fact that all resources are undeserved and are simply under our stewardship – then all money matters take on a different look.

Navigating wants versus needs stays in perspective. Being able to let go of a way of life that is only made possible by extreme wealth or debt becomes easier. Realizing that every dime that comes your way has to be properly stewarded stays in perspective.

And when money is put in proper perspective,

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it becomes easier to sell those things that are wants in order to get out of debt. Or, it becomes easier to have a better

attitude about the income that you do have coming in. It can change your entire outlook on what you have, and what you don’t.

Most importantly, though, it can help you realize that we have more than we deserve. And that can change your life.


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