Have You Read My Other Blog On Monetization Tips for Bloggers?

Although I know some of you have found your way over to my other blog in the past few months, I wanted to draw attention to it again today. Whether you are just starting your blog or you have been trying your hand at this blogging thing for awhile now, the monetization tips at A Blog Job can help you get to where you want to be.

Have you read it?

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If you want a bit more background on why it exists, what it’s about, and what you can learn from it, check out this short Q and A below. Also see its most popular post from last month: A Full Time Blogging Income — What’s Your Blogging Income Price Point and When Can You Quit Your Day Job?

Q and A on A Blog Job

What is the new Blog?

It’s called A Blog Job, and it’s all about delivering monetization tips for real bloggers. Real numbers, real statistcs, real advice on how to get your blog to a place where you can call it a part-time (or full-time income).

Why are you writing a new Blog?

I started a series here on Saving Money Plan that many of you loved. I got great comments, great reader emails, and got some great conversations going. But I realized that maybe this deals blog wasn’t the place to host all the great information. I love digging up information about ethical, sustainable blog monetization, and I realized it was time to put my thoughts in one place.

What will you post about?

I’ll be posting about ways to monetize your blog. Whether you just started blogging and you’d like to learn what it means to really make money off of blogging, or whether you are already making a part (or full) time income off your blog and you’d like a place where you can learn real, hard, statistics, a Blog Job might be the place for you.

Can I take a peek?

Yup — head on over today and check it out!

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