Extreme Couponing Class: Week 1 (June 26, 2011)

Welcome to the Extreme Couponing Class at Saving Money Plan!

This week you’ll be getting more than $44 of items at Walgreens for FREE after rebate and register rewards – so make sure to take part! Want to learn more about this course? If you haven’t yet joined, sign up here! The couponing class is delivered every Monday to your inbox.

Week 1 Assignment

Walgreens uses a system called Register Rewards, which are like cash you can only use at Walgreens. Register Rewards print out when you make your purchases and the cashier gives them to you when you get your receipt. You can use them on your next transaction as if they were cash. However, if you use a register reward to buy something, you do NOT get change back.

However, any register reward you receive from the purchase of a product cannot then be used for the same product – or the same brand. So, let’s say you do a deal where get $2 in Register Rewards for buying Nivea lotion. You cannot then use that same Register Reward to buy more Nivea. Instead, you’d have to use it to buy another product. It can be confusing, but we’ll start simple this week.

At Walgreens this week, do this very simple transaction:

Reach Floss (30 yds.) or Reach Toothbrushes: Total Care (1 ct.), Advanced (2 ct.) for $2.99
Get back $2.00 RR
= $.99

To do this deal, and any of the Register Rewards deals, you will pay the cashier and then get your Register Rewards back. You cannot use Register Rewards for Brand A to then buy another Brand A product. Also, you will not get change on a Register Reward, so if you hand the cashier $5 Register Rewards for a $3 item, you have “lost” the extra $2.

All of these items will be free after mail-in rebate:

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic (30 ct.) – $20.00=$20.00 MIR (Mail-in Rebate)
Use $2.00/1 coupon HERE
Submit Rebate that prints at register
= FREE plus $2.00 overage (this means you’d make money!)

Mycocide NS Antifungal Treatment (1 oz.) – $9.99=$9.99 MIR
Use $3.00/1 coupon HERE
Submit rebate that prints at register
= FREE plus $3.00 overage

Pro-Clearz Anti-Fungal Pen (.11 oz.) – $4.99=$4.99 MIR
Submit Rebate that prints at register

Mueller Kinesiology Tape (2 in. x 16.4 ft.) – $6.99=$6.99 MIR
Submit Rebate that prints at register

Steps on How to Get the Items:

1. At home, print out all the printable coupons you need.

2. At the store, make your purchases and hand the cashier your printable coupons. If you buy all these items, you will spend out about $40 after the printable coupons you give the cashier plus taxes.

3. The cashier will ring you up and will give you back your $2 Register Rewards (remember, this week was just a practice to ease into register rewards!).

4. Go home and submit the rebates for $42 back.

Write me at savingmoneyplan(at)gmail(dot)com.

Did it work for you this week? Did it not work for you? Let me know! I’d love to post your stories and pictures with a link back to your blog!


  1. Michal says:

    OMG!!!! I had the blessed and God-adorned opotnturipy to attend GGG on Friday (7/13). Earlier that wk, I had just uttered (to myself) that I didn’t want to go to any venues where there was loud music or drinking I wanted a nice and calm wknd. My great-niece arrived from Connecticut and one of her friends had backed out and she had a free ticket and if I wanted to attend. I screamed yes and thank you so much for considering me. It was detined for me to be there because Bishop Jakes spoke something to and within me. I’ve been playing tug-of-war of how I will market myself when I retire. I’ve also been sitting on a gift/talent of writing, thinking that it wasn’t good enough and after the show, there were some young ladies who were promoting assistance for those who write and gave me a business card; so that was confirmation again. The entire night was confirmation; so I’m taking the necessary steps to go forward. But I’m also realizing that I can’t get to the promise w/o going through the process and that there will be some rough and difficult times, but God has my back and my front; so I can accomplish it. Thanks DeeDee for such an awesome and God-stirring time of my life I’ll never forget it. Also, thank you God for Pastor Mike’s love/support to her for ensuring it was a success.

  2. Luke says:

    The GGC 2012 conference will be a mind boniwlg experience for me, if its one thing that I can’t get enough of is hearing the word of God, I know this will change my life, can’t want to hear the word of God and go back to Savannah Georgia and share with my Church sisters how much I have and will be blessed by the word yea!!! Praise God!!!:-)