Disney Movie Club Deal

There’s a new Disney Movie Club offer out that allows you to get 4 Disney movies for $1 with Free Shipping on the initial order:

This offer is really similar to those old CD offers that used to come in magazines when I was a teenager – where you can get 10 CDs for one penny each – but then you have the obligation to buy a certain number of CDs on top of that.

With the Disney deal, I was really happy to see that The Thrifty Mama tackled the math on the Disney Movies deal to show if it really did work out to be a deal a not. If you do do the Disney deal and get 4 initial DVDs for $1 with free shipping, you end up buying five more DVDs at regular pricing and regular shipping over the course of two years.

In the end, you’ll spend a total of $91 to have 9 Disney CDs shipped to your door.