Free Couponing ECourse

Have you ever wondered why people bother cutting coupons?

Have you ever been confused by bizarre coupon lingo?

Have you ever seen piles of discarded newspapers full of coupons thrown into the trash and wondered if maybe there was a way to use all that?

If so, the coupon e-course at Saving Money Plan can help!

Here at Saving Money Plan, I teach a ten step couponing class that will teach you to change your budget!

So, you want to get started with couponing and saving money?

Now, let’s talk about couponing.

The Introduction:

What is the purpose of the 10-step Couponing Course?

The premise of a coupon is simple. You get a coupon, you use it to save money. However, many people believe you can’t really save much money with coupons. These naysayers, you see, simply don’t know how to use them correctly. It’s time that you start reaping the rewards that thousands of thousands of Americans are enjoying – free toiletries and household items.

What you need if you want to participate:

1. You need to want to do this.

To me, this is fun. It’s also one of the best kept secrets about saving tons of money every month to free up your budget for fresh food items and other things on your list. I love getting tons of makeup, toiletries, face washes, razors, toilet paper, candy, non-perishable food and regular household products free. Now that I hardly ever pay for anything at CVS or Walgreens, it’s almost painful to watch all those people shelling out 20 bucks for shampoo. But heck, this whole couponing thing might sound like the most boring thing on the planet. If that’s you – don’t do it!

2. You need these items:

- A box or drawer you will devote to this project

- A marker or pen

- A notebook

- Envelopes

- A calculator

- A Sunday newspaper every Sunday

3. You need to commit to doing these 2 things every week if you want to see success:

- Come to this blog at least once a week to read what your directions are for what you need to do this week to get your free items.

- Go to Walgreens or CVS (or both, if you get excited by all the free stuff you are getting) that week following the directions.

So – do you want to jump on board!

The next class begins soon – so look in your inbox that day for your first issue of the How to Coupon Class!

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  1. Terri Mostiller says:

    Hey ya’ll! Hope I win!

    • Jack says:

      I gave up couponing too, thuogh I was never the couponer that you were or others I know are For one, they are just not as big of a deal up here as they are down South. No one doubles or triples coupons in this area. I generally scan the coupons for items that we normally buy and if there is one, I’ll clip it and put it in a small envelope in my purse. That’s about the extent of it, I figure a couple dollars is something ? ;) As far as the budget, I don’t know what it is, but for our lifestyle right now, we can’t seem to manage the envelope system and it’s a little frustrating. We’re still working the kinks out of that one. I hate shopping at Wmart despise it really but they are the cheapest place. So, I continue to give them our business blah. We also still get some items from Sam’s, but not nearly as much as we used to. I wouldn’t feel bad about the coupons, somewhere, somehow, somthing does really have to “give.”

  2. A Mercer says:

    Sounds great to me. I love to get things for practically free. Thank you for offering to help us in this quest.

  3. amber says:

    this course is really great and actually works. I was shocked that it saved me so much money

  4. Shery Borenstein says:

    Why can I not pull up the week 5 of this course? I’m fairly certain that week 5 is where I should be at this point.

    Thanks so much for all you are teaching me.

  5. Sherri says:

    I wanted to review the e-coupon course to make sure I’ve got a good grip on the process and I can’t find a couple of the weeks in my e-mail. Is it possible to get another copy of week 1 and week 5?

    I really appreciate all that you do to put this together. It’s been very beneficial to me and my family.

    Thank you so much.

    • Roktim says:

      You are completely nuts..! Every other weidndg business is overcharging for everything you could easily be charging 10 times what I paid for your e-book and I’d still be thrilled!

  6. PEGGY says:

    God Morning, I read that if you use powdered milk you will save money, well I tried it here goes. Wal Mart(Great value) instant non fat dry milk 25.6 oz makes 8 quarts ( 2 gallons) for $6.72 comes out to $3.36 per gallon. Today CVS sells one gallon milk for $2.79 each. I guess I will buy milk and save time and money. Have A nice day, Peggy

  7. Ann Marie says:

    I’ve signed up for the couponing class and I’m not getting the emails for it. Then, when I click on the above links to past classes, I get 404′d.

    When will a new beginners class start and will I be informed somehow so I can take advantage of all the lessons from the beginning??

  8. Pat says:

    I “coupon” already but I just found this site. I would LOVE to take the course! How do I find week 2? Thanks!

  9. Tammy says:

    Just signed up and wondering if I signed up too late. It’s Sept. 5th and it looks like the class already started. Is there a good time to sign up for the class? Is the class pretty much continuous? Thanks

  10. I think it’s great that you are offering all this tips and advice for free. there’s a mom in houston that coupons like this, but you have to pay $5 a week for the info. I think that’s a bad deal! She’s gonna do it anyway! So yea.. thanks for the free tips.

  11. Hi – just a heads up your “Print Coupons” link isn’t working on this post.

    I’m a new follower and interested in the couponing class. My hours got cut at work and I can use all the help I can get. Maybe we can exchange banners or buttons and help each other.

    Tina “The Book Lady”

  12. brenda spriet says:

    is the class going to be on your web site on off site some where?? thanks for everything you do to save us all $$$$$ god bless

  13. Claire says:
  14. Claire says:

    Great Peggy!
    As for powdered milk in general…some people like to either mix half and half for drinking OR commit to only using powdered milk in baking…Just some thoughts for when milk isn’t on sale!!

  15. Claire says:

    Hey Ann Marie – I just wrote you to your email so hopefully you’ll be set now!!

  16. Claire says:

    Week 2 comes out this Monday 8/31!!

  17. Claire says:

    Hi Tammy – the class just runs on 10 week cycles continuously. I would suggest starting now in week 3 and then you can always redo week 1 and 2 on the next cycle!

  18. Kaki says:

    Just a note to say THANK YOU for writing this book! I was ovrleheemwd by the hundreds of coupons we saved enough to pay for our entire order of wedding flowers!~ Marianne, bride


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