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Sprucing Up — Budget Revamping Your Bathroom

DIY projects are all the rage, and dipping a toe into the wonderful world of home decor on a shoestring is sure to be a rewarding experience that fosters creativity, economy and good old-fashioned resourcefulness.

Thankfully, revamping a space within your home needn’t be expensive. Bathrooms are a great starting place as they’re smaller in size and less taxing on your creative juices and budget. Revitalizing the room with a coat of paint, some new bathroom furniture and repurposing old pieces are all smashing ways to generate a huge impact for very little money.

Below are a few helpful hints for a quick, easy bathroom overhaul — on your budget;)

Use Color

Bathrooms tend to be boring and non-descript. Breathing some color — and along with it, new life —into a tired space is one of the simplest, most effective ways to transform a room. Bathrooms are typically small so don’t be afraid to use color — a little goes a long way. Depending on the look you’re aiming for, some nicely painted walls can inspire feelings of serenity, calm, elegant sophistication or funky fun.

Hunt for Bargains

Another great way to update a bathroom is to replace old and worn-out items with more contemporary ones. Whether you’re looking for modern fixtures or vintage tubs, scour the internet, discount retailers and charity shops for great deals on new pieces. There are loads of places to source fantastic (and inexpensive) bathroom furniture. Replacing or adding in one or two key pieces can completely change the space’s style and character.

Work with What You’ve Got

If you’ve got a cute collection of towels, beauty products, candles or those little soaps they give you at hotels, place it on show in your bathroom in interesting new ways. Decorating a bathroom doesn’t mean hiding everything in medicine cabinets or cupboards. Hey, even a toilet roll can look the part if you displayed in some cool or creative way. Take an inventory of what you have in your home already and consider moving items around to instil old pieces with a touch of new life.

Make it Comfortable

Your bathroom is a functional space first and foremost. It’s a place to retreat into a hot bath or spend alone time with a face mask and a magazine. You should make your bathroom feel as comfortable as possible. When you’re decorating (or redecorating as the case may be) be sure you transform it into a space that you’ll want to spend time in.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a DIY newcomer or just a veteran looking for a fun challenge, a bathroom revamp is the perfect project to take on. You can combine your creative skills with your money-saving skills and, when the job’s done, run a bath and relax. Bliss!