How To Tip Well

Money Smart Life has a revealing post on how he is not a great tipper. This post really got me thinking, and I want to know some statistics on tipping in America in general. Since I have lived all over the world, and most countries in comparison to America have horrible tipping, I do forget to leave the requisite 20% on occasion – and feel horribly when I do so.

So what about you?

Are you a good tipper?

I read recently (don’t remember where) that some personal finance adviser was stating that if you don’t have the 20% to pay for a tip when eating out – you just shouldn’t go.

Do you agree with this?

The Ten Minute Budget

This is a great resource here for learning about how to make a budget in as little as 10 minutes!

Cutting Your Heating Bill

In the dead of winter, all we dream of is warm days and that hot, sticky humidity that we’ll be hating come August. All this to say, it’s hard to imagine reducing the heat in our homes just to save a few pennies. But is it just a few pennies?

How much can you really save by turning down your heater?

Or by reducing the temperature on the hot water heater?

Read this great article.

Cheap and Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There are many such lists out there today describing how to best celebrate on little cash, but this one is a good one indeed.

(and don’t you just love this uber simple heart?)