0% Interest Capital One Credit Card

I have been using a Capital One credit card for over ten years, and love it because it is one of only credit cards cited in Budget Travel for not tacking on extra fees on international purchases. Given how much I travel, this is huge. When Capital One began doing cards that earned miles and points, I happily switched to those, still not paying an annual fee.

I just saw that they now have a 0% interest special for a year.

Now – before I say anything else – I want to be clear: I do not generally endorse keeping any debt at all on credit cards. However, there is a way to make money on this deal that you should be aware of. For the right kind of disciplined person, this might be a good idea. You can read the full article about this here at five cent nickel, but suffice it to say that the overarching idea is to make purchases on your credit card for a year, not pay them back, and all the while be socking that money in a high interest savings account or reward checking account.

As you’ve heard me say before, I love rewards checking – at 6% interest I do think it’s worth it!

Just for Fun on Sunday Morning

A Sunday morning joy of mine is to read PostSecret. Have you ever checked it out? The new ones come out on Sunday mornings and they are so entertaining!