A Blog Job: Part 1 (Why I started blogging for a living…)

In part 1 of the A Blog Job series I will share the personal story of how I started my blog – and why! Read about why I started this series here.

a blog job

Saving Money Plan was not my first blog. Actually, it may not have even been my fifth blog — if I really sit down and count up all the blogs I have started over the years I’m surely nearing 15. However, Saving Money Plan was the first blog that was able to truly “work” for me on a variety of levels.

But why was it the first blog that “worked” — and what do I really mean by that?

Let me explain…

For many people, blogging is a hobby. It’s a fun way to engage friends and family with what you are doing on a daily basis – either in your work life, personal life, or intellectual life. Blogging can be fulfilling just for this reason – because it allows people the chance to give words to their thoughts, and the chance to interact with others about their ideas.

For years, this is what blogging was for me, and this in and of itself was fulfilling. I blogged because I loved writing, and I loved hearing about people reading what I wrote.

This first blog, going on five years ago, was a travel blog that chronicled a trip I took around the world for a year. In almost a year, I visited 19 countries, working as a travel writer and doing freelance editing to pay my way. It was an incredible journey, but much it was done without the many family and friends who make up my life.

Importantly, my blog was an amazing way to connect with friends and family throughout the world who wanted to know what I was doing on a daily basis even though I was thousands of miles away. Looking back, it was one of the most connected times I can remember – no matter the fact that I spent the better part of a year without seeing any friends and family at all.

Although highly trafficked at times due to some major exposure, I made pennies on this blog. Monetizing was the the farthest thing from my mind. At the time, I didn’t really fully understand that blogging could pay the bills, and even if I had understood that it simply wasn’t my goal.

My objective at the time was to tell my story, and I did just that. It worked, and I loved it. Over time, though, I realized I wanted — needed, really — to make a change…

Next week in the Blog Job Series…

In Part 2 of the Blog Job series I will talk about the next phase of my blogging life, when I realized I did want to earn a living from blogging, and did so in an unusual manner…

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