Great Freebie: 25 Free Songs!

I’ve never wondered why more people don’t pick up this deal – which has been one of the easiest ways to get free songs I’ve found this year. Canceling is EXTREMELY easy – you just do it online right after you sign up!

So I’d talked about this deal before and finally took advantage of it myself – and let me say it was quite an easy freebie! Basically you go here to download 25 songs for free if you sign up for a 7 day trial of EMusic.

I know that as soon as I say “with a free trial” many people get scared or don’t want to “deal with” all that – but I’m here to tell you that trying free trials is a great way to open the door to many new products and freebies in your house. Furthermore, trying these sign-up deals to get free things are great ways to get tons of free items – but only if you have an organized system for ensuring that you cancel your trials in time to avoid getting charged.Keep track of when to call or email to cancel.

So why is this deal SO GREAT for beginners?

What’s so awesome about EMusic is that it’s very simple to upload your songs and then you can cancel immediately online if you don’t want to keep the service. (If you’re interested in hanging onto EMusic, it’s a pretty nominal monthly fee and you might find it worth it.)

Does Frugal Living Cost Too Much Time?

Doesn’t it take a long time to coupon?

Don’t you end up wasting time that you could spend earning money when you’re just trying to save it?

clipping coupons

There is no doubt that being frugal can take time. This is a constant issue that I hear from others, and there is no easy answer. After reading this interesting article on The Simple Dollar, I took a moment to reflect on the issue. In the end, the issue is about balance. There are some things you can do out there that may be a waste of time for you. For instance, making your own laundry detergent when you can spend $3 and save those 3 hours just might be a good use of money! However, if you LIKE making new concoctions, than making laundry detergent can be a fun activity. For me, I find that frugality is as much of a hobby as anything, and it is this mindset that guides a lot of my decisions about when I choose to be frugal and when I don’t.

So what do you think: Is being frugal fun for you? Or is it just a waste of time?

Free 2010 Calendars

Thanks to Freebies4Mom for alerting us to this great freebie. Pick up a free 2010 calendar hereenglish!

Free Yarn Crafts EBook

Here’s a free ebook on the various different crafts you can make with yarn. Check it out.

How Can You Change Money-Costing Habits?

If you want to help out a reporter and give your two cents (with the chance of being published!) check out this form where you can offer advice on money-saving ideas. Go here.