Amazon: Best Weekly Deals for September 10-16, 2012

Here are some of the best Amazon deals available right now!

Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 80-Count Reg. $56; Now $30.75 ($0.38/k-cup).

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Strawberry & Cream, 10-Count Box (Pack of 4) Reg. $15.96; Now $12.94 ($0.32/pouch) with Subscribe and Save.

Kettle Baked Potato Chips, Sea Salt, 4-Ounce Bags (Pack of 15) Reg $31.20; Now $20.90 (1.39/bag).

Stride Sugarfree Gum, Spearmint, 14-Count Packs (Pack of 12) Reg. $11.64; Now $8.25 ($0.69/pack)

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Cheddar, 1.5-ounce bags (pack of 24) Reg. $23.99; Now $13.44 ($0.56/bag).

Sweet Leaf Tea, Lemon Iced Tea, 64-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 8) Reg. $27.68; Now $14.02 ($1.75/bottle).