$5 Off Coupon for the Biggest Loser Protein Powder

It’s time to confess: I absolutely love the Biggest Loser. Every week, as soon as the show is posted online, I scurry to my computer to watch all the action. Although my mother is adamentally opposed to Tara (the former model who has won all the challenges), I kinda like the gal. And man is she a hottie!

Why am I talking about The Biggest Loser? Well, I was all excited to see a $5 off coupon for The Biggest Loser Protein powder showing my coupons.com coupon bar. This is the protein powder that trainer Bob mentioned after Kristen, Ron and Felipe did their video food diary (much to Bob’s dismay, they did not give themselves enough calories to support their work outs)!

How do you get this coupon?


See the blue coupon bar below and click on the coupon!