100 Mommy Cards for $1.99 and My Big Mistake!

If you’re working on getting things in order to celebrate mother’s day well ahead of time, this might be the offer for you. Vistaprint is offering 100 Mommy Cards for $1.99 right now.

I’ve talked about Vistaprint before, but suffice it to say I have ordered probably ten times from Vistaprint. Most disappointingly, though, I made a huge error in my last order! I used this deal to get free business cards to go to Blissdom, the awesome blogging conference in Nashville.

Vista Print

On the last day of the conference, MomStart took my card (I had probably passed out about 200 at that point). She looked at it for a moment and then said: What is your email address, though?

Yes: I hadn’t put my email address on my business cards! Can you believe it? That is probably THE most important part of a business card, no?

Moral of this story: Proofread your Mommy Cards before purchasing! Pick up the deal here.